Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Making A Decision!

Hi friends. The past couple of weeks have been rather difficult in trying to make a decision. See, each year in the month of July my church youth group heads to camp for a week ( Sun- Fri.), and each year I make the choice not to go. The year before last, I sent in my registration slip, I was packed and ready to go, my parents drove up to the camp with us, and well when it came time to un-pack and get settled in for the week, I chickened out and wanted to go home with my parents! At that point, I didn't care what my friends thought about me; I just wanted to get out of there! As I say sometimes, it was out of my " creature comforts"! Each year, my friends, youth pastor & parents encourage me to go and have a good time, but each time I say NO!! The past couple of months I have felt the burden to go thinking that this would be a "BIG" step in my life! So, this year on Sunday, July 5th, I will be going to camp for the first time in my life! Philippians 4:13 which says, "I can do all things through Christ which strengthens me," has been a HUGE inspiration to me in the past couple of months in making my decision!

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  1. Hello Sunshine. You are absolutely precious. Daddy and I are very proud of your decision to go to camp, mostly because of the reason you are going, and for relying on scripture to help you make your choice. You are the bomb.com baby girl!!! God has amazing plans for you, Ashley, if you will make yourself available. You know we love you...Dad & Mom


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