Tuesday, June 2, 2009


OK...so today is the day. I finally set up my own blog! For the past couple of months I have watched my mom on her blog Home Is As Close As A Robin's Nest. You should check it out. I've been telling myself that I should set up a blog, too, so finally today I took the plunge...yipee! :) WOW! Blogland is amazing, so many things that you can do! I plan to blog about my everyday life happenings and add pictures...sort of like a journal only on the computer and open for the world to see. I pray my love of God and family are reflected in my blog. As for the name of my blog, I'm not always a "Drama Queen," but being 14 sure has its drama moments!!


  1. Hi Baby Girl! Welcome to blogland! I'm so glad you've decided to blog. I believe you will have lots of fun with this. I love you so much!!

  2. Hey you little bloggin' drama queen...where have you been? Would love to have an update on your life, that is in writing :-). I know I see you each and every day of your precious life, but I love it when you write memes from your heart, so get bloggin' 'lil queenie!


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