Sunday, November 15, 2009

High School Life!

Hi seems like forever since i have posted something. The past couple months have been rather hectic. In August I went back to school after being home-schooled for five years, high school on top of that. I still cannot believe I am already in high school. that just shows me how fast my life has flown by. I still remember to this day, me sitting and wishing I was in high school, now look, I am. High school is way different from elementary and middle school....though there is more freedom, it is also much harder. I get scared sometimes thinking about in just four years I will be graduating, and then off to college. to tell you the truth, I wish I could stay little just a tad longer. My guidance counselor stresses to us freshmen how important it is to start planning for college. He keeps on giving us all this college information, and when I really think about that, I get really nervous. I know that I do not need to worry about all this college stuff as I'm only a freshman, but you can't just ignore it. Before I know it, college will be here, just like high school got here before I knew it. Life in general is different for me as a teenager. Worrying about whether this person likes me, or how I look, etc., but these past couple of months have made me realize that I don't need to turn into a person that I'm not. If someone can't accept me for how I am then they are not the friend for me.