Wednesday, August 4, 2010

emerald pointe! (:

i've been wanting to put some pics up on here for awhile, so the other day some friends and me went to emerald pointe! here are some pictures.
mikaela and wesley...
mikaela and me.
 casandra and me.
this was just the beginning of our powdered sugar fight. lol
mikaela finally decided to just throw the plate of powdered sugar on wesley. haha (:
fun times indeed!
only one person was missing from the day...maybe before summer ends.

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  1. Hello Sunshine! Looks like you guys did indeed have a wonderful day. Glad you were able to enjoy it. Your summer is ticking away fast. Mikaela's "biniki" (remember when you were a little bitty girl) is very cute, but I'm sorry darling you may as well cross it off your list of things to do in the summer of 2010...your daddy and me say, "NO CAN DO!" You look beautiful in your tankini! Daddy still says it would even be cuter if you wanted to wear a tee-shirt over it...LOL (he's your dad and you'll always be his baby girl. Love ya bunches. Enjoy what is left of summer 2010. BTW, who was missing??? Can I have 1 guess? Girly, girly, what am I gonna do with you?


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