Monday, January 18, 2010


hey everyone...I know that it has been forever since i've posted something on here. tonight as I sit here on my bed, with my laptop, I just can't help but thank God for the home he has given me, and the jobs he has blessed my parents with to be able to give me a home. As I sit here and think about the families in Haiti that are hurting from the devastating earthquake that hit, I can't help but feel blessed for what I have. There are so many people in that country tonight that don't have a place to lay there head tonight. As I am soo tired tonight from only getting a little sleep last night,the stresses of school, and basketball practice, I know that I have a home and bed to lay down in tonight. there are people in my community that don't have a house to go to. As my feet and legs are killing me tonight, it also reminds me of the pain that Jesus went through to save us from our sins. The pain that I am feeling is nothing to the pain He endured for me. When hectic weeks occur from school and basketball games and many other things, I seem to feel like I am holding the whole world on my back...but if I think about it, I have to remind myself that Jesus carried everyone's sins on His back the day that he allowed the men to crucify Him to the old rugged cross. He could have said NO i'm not going to, but He loved me and you sooooo much that He allowed them to. From that, if we believe on Him and believe that He died for our sins, we can be freed from our sins. When you feel that you are holding the whole world on your back, just give it over to God...just as I find myself doing when I feel overwhelmed by the stresses life throws at me. I heard a friend say..."life is tough, but God is tougher," and that is what we need to remember. God is always there for us when we need him!! :)


  1. Baby Girl...I am so proud of you! This just confirms what I've told you when you say you don't always know what to write about...write from your heart!!! You heart is never empty, so it always has something to say and can be a great witness. YOU ARE FOREVER MY SUNSHINE!!

  2. Hello baby's me again! I just had to revisit and read the words from your tender little heart, once again. You are so precious...God has such a mightly plan for your life! I like your music, too.

    p.s. i notice in your "About Me" section, you're pushing that age thang...aren't you??


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